VMG 10  

The new entry level, wireless, WiFi, 10 sensor VMG 10™ data glove meets the needs of the virtual reality and animation industry.

The VMG 10™ data glove system provides 5 high accuracy joint angle measures and 5 pressure sensors. It uses bend sensor technology to accurately transform finger and hand motion into real time data with no magnetic interference.

The VMG 10™ can be used in a wide variety of applications including virtual reality, animation, robotics and medical.


Very thin bend sensors: less than 0.35mm thickness;

12 bit ADC sampling for accurate bend detection;

1 Sensors per finger;

5 Pressure sensors, very thin: less than 0.35 thickness;

Complete 9-DOF orientation sensors (roll, pitch and yaw) for hand orientation and wrist orientation; the sensors mount a 3 axis gyroscope, a 3 axis accelerometer and a 3 axis magnetometer.


32 MHz CPU board, very low power for battery operated data elaboration and transmission;

USB connector for wire communication and firmware upgrade;

On board WiFi module for wireless data communication;

High performance Lithium-Polymer Battery for long standing operation (up to 4 hours);

On board elaboration of the hand of wrist orientations.


Software management for data glove trimming and data sampling;

Complete SDK for custom software design;

Offers an object-oriented model with an accompanying C++ library;

Provides a general framework for constructing hand-enabled simulations from scratch or for integrating hand-interaction into existing applications;

Offers full network support. A user can run an application on a host computer while getting device data from another machine, permitting interaction with geographically distributed teams;

Supplies an open API for model import and interfacing with third-party visualization software. VRML/Cosmo (SGI Optimizer 1.2) implementation is included;

Provides significantly improved overall structure with better run-time integrity and more complete error handling;

Supports fast production with real-time data capture using 90 Hz calibrated kinematic output;

Supplies intuitive, easy-to-use controls through the glove calibration interface. Calibration takes less than one minute - fast and accurate;;

Provides a familiar interface by displaying calibrated sensor data in the MotionBuilder interface, formatted in both hierarchy and constraint formats.


The VMG 10™ includes one data glove, batteries, USB cable, Software and SDK.

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