Quick Glance 3  

Quick Glance 3 is a portable, compact eye tracker that is easily installed and transported on most Windows based computers.

Quick Glance 3 is a mouse replacement device designed for Microsoft Windows 98/XP. It allows the user to place the mouse pointer anywhere on the screen simply by looking at the desired location. "Clicking" can be done with an eye blink, a hardware switch, or by staring (dwell). What could be more natural?

The tracking module can also be purchased separately along with required mounting brackets for use on laptop computers, desktop monitors, and VESA mount monitors. Set up and adjustment are also significantly easier since all the optics are combined.

The software is designed to run in the background while the user is working with standard Windows applications. Quick Glance has been used for writing, surfing the Web, computer-aided design, games, and much more.

System Requirements:

Pentium 800 MHz processor or faster
One available 1394 (FireWire) port. (This can be added with an inexpensive adapter card if needed)
Windows 98 or Windows XP
At least 128MB RAM
At least 10MB Disk space for installation

Tracking Method:

Video, dark pupil, infrared illumination.


1 degree (approximate).

Temporal Resolution:

Adjustable, up to 30 samples per second for model 3S.
Adjustable, up to 15 samples per second for model 3SH.

Physical Configuration:

For desktop computers the tracking module can be mounted on the Quick Glance 3 stand or mounted directly to most VESA standard LCD monitors.
For laptop computers the tracking module is mounted on the Quick Glance 3 stand which is placed on the keyboard.
Nothing is attached to the user.

Allowable Head Movement:

The user's eye must be kept in the camera's field of view. This is about 6 by 6 cm for model 3S and about 10 x 10 cm for model 3SH.

Infrared Illumination:

Illumination provided by LEDs with output wavelength in the range 800 - 1000 nm.
Ir-radiance at the user’s eye under normal operating conditions is less than 0.5 mw per square cm.


The software displays 16 targets on the screen, which the user looks at in succession.
Calibration done once and then used for subsequent sessions.
Multiple users allowed with individual calibrations saved for each.


Eye Science software

The Eye Science software is designed for researchers who want to collect and analyze eye gaze data. It includes: 1) a control panel which allows for interactive control of eye gaze capture and playback, and 2) an SDK for interfacing with other software.

1) The Eye Science control panel features controls for:

Adjusting the capture rate up to a maximum of 30 samples per second.
Starting and stopping gaze capture.
Playing back eye gaze data in real-time to illustrate the user's gaze path.
Saving eye gaze data to a text file.
Reading eye gaze data from a text file.

2) The Eye Science System Developer's Kit allows a programmer to:

Control Quick Glance through function calls from your own application.
Use Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
Read gaze data directly into your software in real-time.
Enable or disable cursor movement.
Trigger the start and stop times of the data acquisition.
Control the size and appearance of the Quick Glance software windows.
Perform other miscellaneous functions.

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