VMG 30 Plus Haptic Glove  

The VMG 30 Plus™ is a complete haptic glove solution!

The VMG 30 Plus™ system includes the 30 sensor VMG 30™ data glove plus 5 Vibro-tactile actuators - one on each finger -  letting the user "feel" their virtual environment.

The actuators are embedded inside of the glove for form and function.

Each actuator can be individually programmed to vary the strength of the touch sensation.



Haptic Feedback Actuator Specifications:

  • Body diameter: 10mm
  • Body length: 3.6mm
  • Rated resonant frequency: 175Hz
  • Typical Operating current: 90mA
  • Normalised amplitude: up to 1.4G
  • Max. Start Voltage: 0.15V
  • Max. operating Voltage: 2.05V
  • Typical Rise Time: 19ms
  • Typical Stop Time: 275 ms
  • Modulation step: 256
  • UART communication: 115200 bps
  • UART logic levels: 3.3V
  • Typical Rise Time: 19ms

Driver UART commands:

  • Start vibration
  • Set vibration level (0-255)
  • Stop vibration
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