The IS-1200 VisTracker system is a highly scalable, cost-effective solution for wide area tracking. The system provides precise 6-DOF tracking data utilizing a fusion of inertial-optical technology. Ideal for mobile augmented & virtual applications, simulation & training and robotic navigation.

The VisTracker system consists of the InertiaCam sensor, which is comprised of MEMS inertial sensors with an integral "smart camera", and a series of unique passive tracking fiducials. At little or no cost, an unlimited number of fiducials can be printed and arranged to cover any tracking volume. This unique "inside-out" configuration allows the VisTracker system to deliver the superior orientation accuracy needed for augmented applications.

A Windows platform is required to host the InterSense SensorFusion Server software. The InertiaCam sensor interfaces with this platform via USB or RS-232.


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