High Resolution and Full Head Tracking!

VR2200 is an all new high resolution XGA (1024x768) head mounted display designed for most any 3D PC and 3D Video application. The dynamic head-tracking system provides a full 360-degree viewing angle with the custom developed optics delivering a crisp image with a 45 degree field of view.

The VR2200 will connect to any computer via an SVGA or DVI connection and any video source. The VR2200 is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista / 7 (32 or 64 bit) and any video card, turning any ANY PC GAME or APPLICATION into TRUE STEREOSCOPIC 3D!

The VR2200 head mounted display provides a flicker free image with stereo vision capability. The VR2200''s head-tracking system enables users to experience their image in full 3D surround viewing by just turning your head - tracking motion on all axes.

The VR2200 also connects to any Composite or S-Video Source (TV, DVD, Camcorder or Game Consoles - Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii) for BIG SCREEN video viewing!

Unlike other huge, bulky and uncomfortable headsets on the market - the VR2200 is small and snug ensuring a comfortable fit. The integrated headphones deliver full Stereo Surround Sound and the included eye-cups block out all outside light. The headset also flips up when not in use and down for full immersion.

The VR2200 standard version comes as pictured, with elastic headband and earbud speakers. The VR2200 Ruggedized version comes with a head mounted ratchet assembly and external headphone speakers.

The VR2200 are used by Universities, Health Care Professionals, Lockheed Martin, NASA, the United States Navy and Medical Research Teams in the U.S. and abroad.

VR2200 - the next BIG STEP in head mounted display technology!

As seen on Anderson Cooper:

VR2200 Product Benefits:

Wide 45 degree field of view
Stereo 3D with Any Video Card
Plug and play with virtually all PC applications
3D DVD compatible
Brilliant, high contrast 800:1
IPD adjustable to accommodate
Light weight and small form factor


Resolution: 1024x768 XGA and 800x600 SVGA
Field of View: 45 Degrees Diagonal
Color: 24-bit True color (16.7 million colors)
High Contrast: 400:1 ratio
Input Signal: VGA, DVI and RCA Composite - NTSC/PAL
Modes: 2D and 3D Stereoscopic
Control Functions: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Color and Volume
IPD Adjustments: Fully Adjustable
Eye Relief: 25MM
Lightweight: 7 oz visor
Cutting Edge head tracker with six degrees of freedom
Built-in stereo sound
Power Consumption: 6V

Supplied Accessories:

Audio Cable (mini to RCA pin)
Input Cable (VGA, DVI and Composite)
Audio/Video Cable
AC Adapter
Exclusive (2) year warranty

Manufactured, Trademarked and Warranted by Virtual Realities, Inc.

The VR2200 head mounted display is available only through Virtual Realities, Inc. and will not be sold or warranted through any other site.

* Stereo 3D Compatible with Windows 7 and any ATI or NVIDIA Video Card *

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Price: from $1,299.00

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