nVisor ST50  

The nVisor ST50 displays 1280x1024 full color with a 50° diagonal field-of-view in see-thru or immersive modes for professional augmented and virtual reality applications. HDMI cables from the HMD plug directly into the DVI or HDMI image source with no additional video processing electronics. Stereo headphones and programmable buttons compliment the high-resolution displays to provide the rich, high-fidelity immersive experience required in the most demanding training and simulation applications.


Total HFOV: 40°
Vertical FOV: 32°
Overlap: 100%
Brightness: 30 fL max
See-thru transmission: 46%
Technology: OLED
Resolution: 1280x1024
Eye Relief : 23 mm
Weight: 1050 g
Power Input: AC 100V - 240V
Video Input: DVI/HDMI

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