To take a close look at something in the real world, you pick it up and examine it from every angle. It's so natural, you don't even think about it. Now working in 3D is just this intuitive. With the SpaceMouse, you can intuitively zoom, pan and rotate models, exploring and navigating your designs as naturally as if they were objects in the real world.

SpaceMouse with it's V-shaped cap naturally supports the zoom feature, it's 11 buttons puts the most used functions right at your fingertips.

SpaceMouse is as essential a tool as your mouse or keyboard, giving you the ability to manipulate 3D objects on the screen, while simultaneously controlling 3D camera angles and positions for viewing those objects. It’s a much more natural, free-flowing way to work. If you use a common interface, executing even simple moves requires a decision, then keystrokes and/or mouse clicks. This interrupts your natural motion, slowing you down and actually restricting you from attempting more complete or continuous motion. But, the greater flexibility and interactivity of a 3D motion controller makes even difficult moves easy. You're free to go farther and be even more creative.

Place your fingers gently on the controller's cap. The cap senses pressure you apply to it - pushes, pulls and twists - and uses that information to correspondingly move your model, camera or eye point on the screen. Pull up or push down to move your model, camera or eye point up or down. Push left or right to move your model left or right. Pull towards you or push away to move your model nearer or farther away. Orient your model on the screen by simply twisting in any direction to rotate it around the X, Y or Z axis (pitch, roll, yaw) You will quickly be able to combine all movements and control your 3D models with six degrees of freedom. The amount of pressure you apply controls speed of movement. A light touch moves your models slowly and accurately; just increase pressure to increase speed. It will be like holding your model in your hand - interacting in 3D as you do in the real world.


Sensitivity: Adjustable
Buttons: 11, programmable plus Quick-tip
Interface type: USB or Serial
Connector: D-sub 9 pin or USB
Weight: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 7.40" x 4.72" x 1.73" (188 x 120 x 44mm)
EMC standards: FCC, CE, EMI, BCIQ, and VCCI approved

Price: $1,299.00

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