Tac-Eye 2.0 – VGA  

Designed with the mobile user in mind, this sunglass mounted display is lightweight, low profile, and high resolution. Its high-contrast SVGA (800x600) display is perfect for displaying images from a wearable computer, laptop, vehicle mounted computer system, security cameras, or any other video source. Combined with some of the new Ultra Mobile PC’s, you now have access to one of the lightest, rugged wearable computers systems ever built.


Designed to meet MIL-STD 810F: Shock, Vibration, Water, Dust, Drop, Temp

Display: SVGA+ (852x600) Color AMOLED

30° Horizontal Field of View

Capable of displaying NTSC, RS-170, and PAL formats

Controls: Power, display brightness, and display orientation are controlled by the inline control pad

Mounts to standard ballistic sunglasses from Revision, ESS, and Oakley

The Tac-Eye 2.0 VGA configuration includes a standard VGA connector as well as a rugged mouse. 

VGA Configuration:

Choice of eyewear (Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame 2.0,
Revision Sawfly, or ESS ICE)
Rugged mouse
Dual VGA and USB input cable
Lens cloth and Op Drops cleaning solution
User manual
Pelican Case for secure storage and shipping

Price: $3,395.00

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