WinTracker III  

The WinTracker III accurately computes the position and orientation of a small receiver as it moves through space. This device virtually eliminates the problem of latency as it provides dynamic, real-time six degrees of freedom (6DOF)
measurement of position (X, Y, and Z Pitch, Yaw, Roll) and orientation (azimuth, elevation, and roll).

WinTracker III is the perfect solution for interfacing with Virtual Reality environments or other applications where real time response is critical.


Degrees-of-Freedom: 6DOF

Number of Sensors: 3

Update Rate: One receiver: 90 outputs/second, Two receivers: 45 outputs/second, Three receivers: 30 outputs/second

Static Accuracy: 0.06" RMS for the X,Y,or Z receiver position, and 0.3 ° RMS for azimuth, elevation, or roll receiver orientation

Latency: 7ms

Resolution: 0.01 cm, and 0.01 °

Output: Cartesian coordinates of position, Euler angles and Quaternion orientation, metric units . Binary outputs

Interface:  USB 

Host OS compatibility: GUI/SDK 2000/XP/7/Linux

Physical: SEU: Width 9.84" (25 cm.), length 7.09" (18 cm.), height 2.95" (7.5 cm.)

Transmitter: Width 2.15" (5.5 cm.), length 2.15" (5.5 cm.), height 2.3" (5.8 cm.), cable length 3.5M.

Receiver: Width 1.1" (2.83 cm.), length 0.90" (2.29 cm.), height 0.60" (1.52 cm.), cable length 4.5M.

The WinTracker III includes the following:

1 Electronics Unit
1 Transmitter
3 Receivers
1 Installation & Operation Guide
Two Year Warranty

Price: $2,500.00

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