VisBox -X2  

The VisBox is an affordable immersive 3D display. The system provides large, passive stereo imagery within a small footprint.

The VisBox makes use of the newest in bright, sharp digital projectors. The turn-key VR option adds the newest in PC graphics workstation hardware, a 6 DOF tracked input device (wand), and the VisTrack wireless optical head-tracker. The result is a system that outperforms much more expensive traditional VR hardware.

The VR software environment includes a simple to use VisBox API, complete with demo applications. In addition, the system is pre-configured for use with common VR libraries such as CAVElib, FreeVR, vrJuggler, and DIVERSE.

The VisBox-X2 model offers the most immersion of the four VisBox models. It features a large screen size (12'x9') and high resolution projectors that output 1400x1050 (SXGA+) at over 5000 lumens each. Like the other VisBox models, it is available either as a stand-alone 3D stereo display or as a turn-key projection-based VR system with head and wand tracking.


Resolution: SXGA+ (1400x1050)
Screen size: 12'x9' screen, rear-projection unit, only 10' deep
Footprint: 141"w x 107"h x 120"d


Two digital SXGA+ projectors, 5100 lumens each
Free-standing enclosure with single front-surface mirror
Custom projector positioners
Linear polarization filters and 10 pairs of glasses
Video and power cabling

Option - Circular Polarization:

Circular polarization filters and 10 pairs of circular glasses

Option - Tracking Package

Option - Turn-key VR system:

Tracking package 
Graphics workstation with NVIDIA graphics
Speakers and amplifier


VisTrack server
Development libraries: boxlib, FreeVR, vrJuggler, DIVERSE
Demos and applications: BOXfly, BOXnav, VTK examples, CAVE QUAKE, others

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