The VisDuo is an affordable passive stereo display. The system includes two projectors mounted on a custom positioning system, a high-quality projection screen, and stereo glasses. A high-end graphics workstation is optional.

The VisDuo is a general-purpose stereo display system that can be used to display a variety of 3D stereo applications. Even applications that are not "stereo aware" can be forced to display in stereo by using software at the graphics driver level. The display is dual-use, it can also be used in monoscopic mode (one projector on) as a regular projection system for movies and presentations. The VisDuo is the perfect addition to any conference room or classroom.

The custom positioning system for the projectors is clean and compact, with the projector lenses only 5" apart from center of lens to center of lens. Compared to other systems for projector stacking that often have a separation of 12" or more, the VisDuo allows for close alignment of the two projected images. In addition, the modular design of the VisDuo allows the positioning system to be easily removed from the telescoping ceiling mount and used by itself as a portable tabletop projector stacker.

For XGA resolution, the complete system, including support and on-site installation, retails for less than $20,000.00 USD.

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